Plan your travels to a “T”! | Travel Planning Part 1

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Everybody likes to travel. And some actually do! But a small portion of those who travel actually plan for it.Plan could mean drawing out a rough outline of where to go and the itinerary. It could also mean a detailed daily schedule of where to go, how to get there, where to stay. Also what to do when you get there together with visiting recommended places, avoiding tourist traps and so on. Phew! Sounds detailed? Well yes it is. Detailed enough to write your own travel guide?

I’m a detail oriented guy. But I am also lazy! One of my old bosses told me once, “Why to write your own code, when somebody must’ve written something similar. Just go and build on it!”. That day a light bulb went off inside my head and ever since I have chosen to work smart instead of working hard.

Most people struggle to find time to travel. Then how can they put in time to plan for it? You just got lucky. Not because we are launching a customized travel planning service (hmm, good idea :p). But we are going give you a first person account of how we have planned THE biggest trip of our lives. “Honeymoon”!

Won’t you agree honeymoon IS the biggest trip?. Not because of the length of it or the fact that we, the husbands, will be spending a huge chunk of income/savings on it but because it’s a chance to impress your friends, your family and most importantly your better half. And of course, lots of good photo ops in exotic places that you can share on social media to make your followers go “Awww”.

So this is what you’ll read in the upcoming posts; our thought process for planning, planning tools that we used, planning tricks and reviews and “user stories” that we relied on. We will hopefully keep blogging until we fly and return back from our honeymoon so that you can benefit from our experiences.

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