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Travelling… No, commuting is tiring. And it absolutely does not help if your flight is delayed… with no help from the airlines staff. This was how travel for our honeymoon started.

We bid adieu to family with joyful glee and enthusiasm. We were completely upbeat, excited and desperate to land in Santorini. However we felt a bubble burst; when the airline staff at the check in counter told us that the flight is delayed by 3 and half hours! We did the math and our faces dropped, we will not able to make it to the Santorini flight. 🙁

Motivated by the possibility of spending a day less in our fantasy paradise, we took up arms. After a lot of discussions, arguments and high pitched voices, we (all thanks to my lovely wife) managed to chalk out an itinerary. However it was tight and we would have to run a lot but it was doable. And guess what, we managed to travel to Santorini on the day we planned. 🙂

The food, service and those overnight toiletries pouches in Turkish Airlines did make up for the stress just a little bit. The “hush” moment came when we managed to board the Santorini flight. We were soo relieved that we almost forgot about the day (almost because I had to remember something for this post 🙂 ).

Furthermore to spice things up the captain of the Aegean Airlines flight to Santorini decided to abort the landing at the last moment and circle Santorini once again to give us a view of the island during sunset. Splendid!

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To recount the day although our Istanbul flight and all the next flights were delayed; the swift immigration at Athens; the winding roads of Santorini; and the beautiful hotel surroundings and the amazing room more than made up for it!!

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