Oct’17 Wrap Up

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Reading Slump! They happen to best of us. This is the readers worst enemy. Frustrating trying to pick up books after books and just not getting into them. Trust me I have tried many many books of different genre. I just needed one book any book to get me out of this slump just one (Praying very hard)…And finally it did happen just in time for my October Wrap Up.

Read this month:
Caraval by Stephanie Garber
Series: Caraval #1

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

Good Reads:

Caraval Oct'17 Wrap Up

Caraval is a story about Scarlet and her sister and they are living in oppressive household and they have always dreamt of going to Caraval and escaping there. Which is like a dark carnival type thing which has magic in it and they go on an adventure following clues and there is a whole mystery story which they have to unravel.

I cant believe this is Stephanie Garber debut novel. The writing style was so whimsical and rich. Everything is detailed in which it is so easy to visualize. You are really able to picturize all the fantastical elements that come into play throughout the story. It just transports you to a completely different world. That because how well written everything is.

As the story unfolds as the characters are following the clues you are along with them trying to figure out what is going on as Caraval blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. So you have no idea whats happening or whats her imagination or what is just pretend. That makes this book so interesting.

It is a very well paced story as well there is a lot going on with this story and that’s what kept the STORY MOVING ALONG!. Definitely going to pick up book 2.

Vicious by L.J.Shen
Series: Sinners of Saint #1

Genres: New Adult, Romance, Dark

Good Reads:

I picked up this book because it was in the top books in the Romance category of 2017 on GoodReads. This was a quick read. Vicious is a jerk basically who is obsessed with Emilia. Even she is however she drove me nuts her character lacked any depth. There were two plots one was a revenge story other was a love one. Not a great fan of the plot it didn’t do much for me. The revenge was not handled well. It had a great plot but just went haywire. Not impressive.

I’m so glad I’m back from the dead. I know this is by any standard not a great Wrap Up but its still a start to great reading months ahead.