London Skincare Haul

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Hey there i had recently been to London and was on a self-induced shopping ban but then Superdrug and Boots happened and I was feeling spendy (oh dear)!!! Well I got so much stuff that I had to categorized into SkinCare, High End Beauty Products and HairCare stuff.So this is my first post that is the Skincare one

So here’s what I decided to pick up from there (no no accidentally fell into my shopping cart)

London SkinCare Haul

Products that I picked up..

  • Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel (£ 6.50)
  • Soap & Glory Heal Genius   (£ 0.00)
  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash   (£ 6.50)
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away (£8.00)
  • Korres Bergamont & Pear Shower Gel (I got buy one get one free) (£8.00)
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£ 3.29)
  • Optimum Night Serum Concentrate (£ 12.99)
  • Optimum Skin Illuminating Gylcolic Overnight Peel (£ 12.99)
  • Simple Facial Wash Gel (£ 5.00)
  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple (£ 24.50)

Majorly I stocked up on Soap & Glory Products.

Soap & Glory

London Beauty Haul 01

My love for this brand started when I picked them up in Sephora (Check my Sephora Haul)


London Beauty Haul 03

I was introduced to this brand last year in Greece.Fell in love with it when i again saw them with the same offer (1+1) decided to stock them up. I guess I don’t need to buy anymore shower gel for a long time.


London Beauty Haul 02

After the entire craze of Bioderma I decided to try even various other alternatives of micellar cleansing water.Grabbed this one as soon as i saw it people claim it works even better than Bioderma.

Simple & Philosophy

London Beauty Haul 04

Face Washes were next on my list Simple one is a new buy it will be first time ill be using it and try to figure out all the hype and the Philosophy would be my 3rd bottle I always tend to go back to this one .I like to use it with my dear old Clarisonic Mia.


London Beauty Haul 05

This is actually a brand i have never even heard about just headed there as i needed to buy a night cream for a friend and SA there suggested I try this product as it has received great reviews and works wonder.

I’ll be reviewing this for you soon.Till the next blog..